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    The Green

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    Environmental Classroom

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    Local Art Round

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The Green

Keep Longview Beautiful continues investment into our community by helping to enhance the area around the confluence of SPUR 63 and HWY 31. Our next gift to Longview, The Green, is an environmentally friendly, outdoor event venue. A first-of-its-kind in East Texas, The Green will be located on the northwest corner of SPUR 63 and HWY 31. This nine acre tract of land adjoins the new entryway and two Green Ribbon projects Keep Longview Beautiful has successfully developed. These capital projects round out extremely attractive and comprehensive investments to an area shown to be one of the most heavily trafficked entryways into our city.

Through the Gathering Pavilion, half mile walking trail and six different educational and cultural niches; Creek Overlook, Nature Play, Music Garden, Environmental Aquatics Classroom, Art Round and Recycled Material Showcase, visitors will heighten their appreciation for health, nature, art and music as well as learn through the outdoor environmental education areas. The Green is also a reforestation effort. The 9 acre tract will be enveloped with native trees that will help combat the greenhouse effect, provide clean, oxygen rich air and afford a canopy and habitat for wildlife. The Green is vital to East Texas’ health, growth and lasting future.

Longview’s newly adopted Comprehensive Plan clearly states our community has a deficit of 627 acres of green space for a city of approximately 82,000 people. The Green will undoubtedly support the Comprehensive Plan with the addition of this nine acre development. Also, the existence of the master plan of the Longview Arboretum and Nature Center, Paul Boorman Trail extension and Grace Creek Mountain Bike Trail will allow for further growth of this local hub within the Cotton Street Corridor.

In its entirety, The Green is a $1,200,000 development. We look forward to building The Green for our entire East Texas area and hope our community partners will assist with our efforts by affording us much needed public and private donations.