noun A person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task.

verb Freely offer to do something

Volunteerism is rewarding. Volunteerism comes from the heart. Volunteerism is goodwill given freely. Volunteerism is contributing without expecting. Volunteerism has an enormous impact on lives and community.

Keep Longview Beautiful Board of Directors are a passionate group of hardworking volunteers. This is a ‘working Board’…..and work they do! A diverse group from the Gregg County area, the Board of Directors is constantly looking for others that share a passion for improvement. The Board of Directors works cohesively with the Executive Director to be forward thinking and heartfelt in community improvements.

Be the hope of tomorrow


How to Volunteer

DID YOU SAY YOU WANT TO VOLUNTEER?!?!?! Volunteers help us get project accomplished! Volunteers keep Longview less trashy by picking up litter! Volunteers are the support and backbone of Keep Longview Beautiful! Volunteers recycle and tell all their friends about how stinking EASY recycling is! Volunteers help improve our environment by planting and maintaining trees and plants!

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FRIENDraising is an important part of the day-to-day workings of Keep Longview Beautiful. Non-profit work often involves a little pushing, a whole heap of being humble, creative thinking and a great deal of begging! Community partners and passionate citizens that show off their LOVE Longview mindset are the core supporters and our best friends! We like to give praise, kudos and sweet admiration to those that help us throughout the year! Our Appreciation Luncheon does just that….BIG HUGS to those that are avid thinkers and ‘doers’ for our community! Keep Longview Beautiful is honored, humbled and thankful to our friends. Donate now