Terms and Conditions

The Adopting Sponsor and every participant agree to accomplish the following:

  • Adopt for a minimum period of two years.
  • Clean up the location a minimum of four times per year. Two of these cleanups must coincide with Longview Green & Clean which is held the second weekend in April and the second weekend in November.
  • Abide by all laws, regulations, and guidelines relating to safety.
  • Be responsible for maintaining a first-aid kit and drinking water while volunteering on the adopted section.
  • Be liable for prohibiting the possession or consumption of alcohol and/or drugs while volunteering on the adopted section.
  • Ensure that individuals participating in this volunteer effort wear bright colored clothing or safety vests.
  • Furnish adequate adult supervision for minors.
  • Shall not subcontract or assign its duties or responsibilities to any other Sponsor organization, or enterprise without first consulting with the Executive Director of Keep Longview Beautiful.
  • Obtain needed supplies and materials from Keep Longview Beautiful in advance of the event and during regular business hours.
  • Place filled trash bags at the base of the adoption sign.
  • Select a chairperson who will be responsible for recording and reporting the number of volunteers and number of bags collected on the next business day after every cleanup to KLB@LongviewTexas.gov. Please notify if a bulky item pickup is required.

Keep Longview Beautiful, in partnership with the City of Longview, agrees to accomplish the following:

  • Work with the Sponsor to determine specific section of road to be adopted. Minimum of 1.5 miles required. Two miles preferred.
  • Place a sign identifying the adopted section with the Sponsor’s name displayed.
  • Provide trash bags.
  • Remove bags of trash at cleanup site after the volunteer day is reported to Keep Longview Beautiful.

‘Litter Crew Ahead’ street safety signs are available. There is a mandatory training by the City of Longview’s Public Works division for these signs to be used. Adopting Sponsors would keep these signs in their possession.

If, in the sole judgment of Keep Longview Beautiful, it is found that the adopting Sponsor is not meeting the terms and conditions of this agreement, Keep Longview Beautiful may terminate the adopting agreement and remove Sponsor name signs immediately. This agreement may be modified in scope or altered in any other manner at the sole discretion of Keep Longview Beautiful. Keep Longview Beautiful and/or the City of Longview do not assume any liability or responsibility for the actions of the Adopting Sponsor and/or any participants in performing these volunteer duties.

By signature below, the Sponsor, both jointly and severally, acknowledges the potentially dangerous nature of the volunteer work and agrees to the above terms and conditions. This agreement shall commence on the date listed below and endure until such time as terminated by either the Adopting Sponsor or Keep Longview Beautiful.

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